Sunday, June 28, 2009

moments before the monsoon...

We drive half an hour to nearly everything we do, but we are ever so lucky to live near an organic pick-your-own strawberry farm. This morning we had a waffle breakfast date with a few of our favorite people (two small ones and their mother) then picked some delicious strawberries together, almost finishing before the daily downpour. Picking strawberries with a 4 and a 6 year-old is my cup of tea, as in "Look! This one has a nose! I ate his nose and his eyes and now he can't see!" The little ones headed home with mom, I finished filling my flat, and F. kept on picking as though it was a lovely summer day until his 5 gallon bucket was nearly full - his sights were set on the strawberry wine he plans to make, and it would take more than a little old downpour to dampen his spirits. It felt so heavenly to come home to dry clothes and a woodfire with a hot cup of tea. Stay tuned on the wine...he plans to mash the berries with his feet.

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  1. Oh,Joanie! What a beautiful place to live!
    Thanks for the hankie, and yes, let's make anothe swap!
    Your blog it's so "serendipity"!