Thursday, June 4, 2009

how the other half lives

Here is F's first attempt at winemaking. Dandelion, after two weeks. Add the airlock, and spend the rest of the day watching the bubbles slowly

And this picture...well, someone at our house said "Do you think perhaps it's time to take the Christmas tree down? It could leave a nice space on the porch for sitting and looking at the garden over morning tea and coffee." And the husband said, "But I'll miss the lights, which I put on to get us through the dark time of the year." And the wife said, "I unplugged them a week ago." "Oh, you did?" So off went the tree, back to the woods from whence it came.

And finally, woodworking projects from the fifth grade with a peek at a six-grade project off in the corner. Another school year creeps to a close.
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