Thursday, June 4, 2009

a glimpse at June's beginning

Well, here is the latest sweetness from my homeschooling handwork group. One fairy is missing from the group picture - maybe next week she'll make an appearance. Didn't they do an amazing job for 5, 6 and 7-year-olds with only a little help from adults?! Apparently these fairies are already starring in many home puppet shows, which melts my heart.

This maple was put here as a wee thing by F., and look at it now!

And this is what the kitchen table looks like today. A momma pig in the making for a summer story, as well as a bird cage for a fairy's pet bird, and for distraction, a great book on pruning.
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  1. Hi dear Joanie,
    I just discovered you have a blog! This is wonderful to see what you are doing! I miss you!


  2. Joanie...finding this is such a delightful surprise! So beautifully written and those pics...delicious. Once reports and such are done, Please say yes. xo donna

  3. Ha! You've been discovered!
    Love these sweet things, and the lines on that Mama piggie! Perfect.