Thursday, September 10, 2009


I don't usually gravitate towards the color orange, and my clean laundry pile tends to be a lovely representation of the rose to violet part of the rainbow.
But a friend recently mentioned that perhaps we Americans are
a bit afraid of orange.
There's nothing like that sort of comment to make me start seeing orange everywhere!
Plus it is that time of year.

I do remember well the first piece of new clothing which I chose as a child...
it was a jumpsuit in a very bright green with very bright orange polka-dots.
I wore it until it was a rag.

When a friend asked if I would custom dye 12 yards of silk for curtains,
in a nice golden yellow, I said yes.
But really it needed to be orange. Yikes!
I experimented with color from my natural dyes,
but got either yellows or pinks and the two would not
meet in the middle!
(though I was just told that onion skins plus a handful of rusty nails will do the trick.
I can't wait to try!)
But for this time, I resorted to Country Classics dye
and loved the ease plus the even coverage.


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  1. Joanie,
    The curtains are just so very beautiful! I love the color. Which country colors was it? That is the same dye I used to make the 'pond' for the Spindlewood fishing game. It was lovely to work with.


  2. Thank you, Lis! It was Canteloupe. I was inspired by your dyeing from the fishing game, and wondered if those were the same dyes, but did you sprinkle it on? Or go for the pot of witch's brew? I remember the nice blues and greens mixed together, and would love to recreate that myself. xo J.