Monday, September 21, 2009

one thing leads to another

well, there's nothing like this time of year...shorts on at mid-day, but a cozy fire at night
cozy wool socks...
cozy, cozy, cozy...
and out come the knitting needles.
Not that all my other projects are finished, mind you, but...
when someone gives you this:
you need to do something really great with it, yes?
And since I'm hoping to develop a new knitting habit with less "tink"-ing
(a la Iris), I decided to try my idea out on another skein of yarn,
since I do happen to have a bit of a stash.
I'm committed to no tinking on this trial scarf/shawl-let.
Maybe stockinette would have looked nicer?
Showed off the yarn more?
That question will have to remain a question.
A little lace along the edge, and hopefully enough yarn...
and then I'll try it in the shades of blue loveliness!

It feels wonderful to have those needles in hand once more!
And the wool socks feel nice as well. And the fire.
What can I say? I do love cozy.


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  2. Thanks Iris! I love that word...tink-ing. I wonder what it could be called when you crochet, or rather un-crochet? tehcorc - hmm, it just does not have the same gracefulness.