Tuesday, July 28, 2009

happy feet

Hello there -
I just wanted to post something on a sunny day, and here it is! Downpour with thunderstorms last night, probably more later today, but at this moment it is sunny!! 80 degrees, 80% humidity and a blue sky. Gosh, that color is so amazing!! So BLUE! But this is what I really wanted to share with you...I've been gardening in rainboots with many holes, thinking that the wet weather was temporary, but...on the last downpour day I went looking locally for new rain boots. Oh yes, sold out everywhere. My second choice, after trying locally, is always Zappos.com. And look what they sent me!! Free shipping, on my doorstep within two days, and who wouldn't be cheered up by these on a rainy day? Plus, (and a BIG plus in my opinion), they are made in Canada.

Well, thanks for sharing my footbliss with me!

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