Tuesday, July 28, 2009

celebrating friends

I was recently in NH for a week, and was lucky enough to be taken in by two good friends. Their rambling house is home to many, for a night or a week or as long as needed. It also houses two studios - the glass studio of Hans Schepker, where anything that could possibly be folded from paper is made of glass...sometimes I feel my brain begin to hurt when I try to figure some of these things out...but it's a good hurt. His studio is unbelievable. Check him out at


This gorgeous lantern was a birthday gift...oh lucky, lucky me! Isn't it incredible?

And then there's Marcy Schepker, of Pear Tree Studio, in the same house. Among her many talents with fiber, including residencies in schools and shelters, are the animals she up-cycles from wool sweaters. I try not to come home with any more of them, but I love them so much and always need a few...

You can see why, can't you? Look for Marcy at

I am so grateful to Hans and Marcy for all their nourishment of my body and soul!!

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