Saturday, February 21, 2009

dreaming in color

I was just cooking a colorful dinner, which involves coconut milk and pretending that I'm somewhere tropical, and was thinking back on my day and where I found color. I spent the first half of the day at Alewives Fabrics, drinking in color and learning to make a braided rag rug on a frame. My mind's eye is full of the reds...oranges...yellows...greens of fabric looking delicious on the shelves. So satisfying! Then I checked out the color in the produce section at the grocery store...then the colored pencils at the art supply store...all on my shopping list today.
Late in the day I went for a wintery walk with my sweetheart and an old, old dog who is visiting for a few days. We went off through the woods into the land of black and white. All the trees were loaded with fresh snow, bent down with the weight and beauty of so much white. The sky was white...the trees were black...the dog was black...and the light was nearly done for this day. As we headed home, the old dog pulling hard on the leash (which was not hooked to him - he was holding it in his teeth), the sweetheart lagging behind (after yesterday's collision with a tree while downhill skiing...) the sky began to take on the very palest of pastel colors. Faintest pink along the horizon, moving upward to the palest blue, as we walked on home through squeaking and scritching fresh snow, whiter than white. All's well in this small, beautiful neighborhood.

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