Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, where there's a blog there ought to be a post...yes? Today feels like a day for beginnings...the first time I've stepped in mud in how long? And sat on the back step to knit with the sun warming my face. I saw three robins, and heard one. Saw the ice looking thin and wet on the pond, where it was frozen tight just day before yesterday. Yay!
After running myself ragged until the creative well was empty, all with wonderful obligations, I have a bit of time stretching out before me for puttering at home. Painting the bathroom blue perhaps? With new curtains? (All without spending a penny, I think). Taking some oh-so-patient flannel out of its bag, and sewing it into nightgowns before the others meet their end in the washing machine. Washed and dried, it is such a beautiful pile of fabric! Though there are signs of spring, it's still 10 degrees most mornings, and flannel is still the thing I want.
I'll be baking, of course, and walking long walks, and looking at dogs available for adoption...
OK, I hear that flannel calling my name...

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